JTX Pro 50 Tri Plane Review

The JTX Pro 50 Tri Plane vibration plate it has to be said isn’t one of the most popular vibration plates you will find among home users. The simple reason for this is because of the price, and possibly the size of this machine. This isn’t however a negative point. When you consider there are many more Skodas in the UK than Ferraris, it kind of makes sense.

JTX Pro-50 Tri PlaneThe fact is that most home vibration plate users opt for a machine that doesn’t cost much more than a couple of hundred pounds at the most and won’t take up much room in the home, and that’s fine of course.

However, for those that have the money to spend and the room to spare and want a vibration plate workout that is comparable to what you would receive in a gym or health club then the JTX Pro 50 is going to be the vibration plate for you.

Who is the JTX Pro-50 for?

The JTX Pro-50 is ideal for anybody that has their own gym in their home. This machine doesn’t only provide you with a lot of features and power, it also looks quite outstanding.

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It is also suitable for commercial premises such as gyms, health clubs, salons, etc. If this interests you then you can contact JTX Fitness and they will provide you with a special one year warranty.

It should be noted that the user weight limit for this machine is stated as 180kg which is 396lbs.

What you get with the JTX Pro 50?

Besides being a stylish vibration plate that comes in Silver or Black and would look superb in any home gym, what does the JTX Pro-50 actually give you?


People with smaller homes or with not much free space available, a larger vibration plate such as this one might be a no go from the start. This vibration plate is quite large with a height of 164cm, a width of 90cm, and depth of 109cm. It also has a large workout area which is 90cm deep by 70cm wide.

The beauty however of owning a larger vibration plate like this is that you have plenty of room on which to perform many exercises comfortably, without the feeling of being cramped or slipping off the base. You also have available a lower console control panel so if you are performing floor exercises you can easily change settings without having to stand up each and every time.

Lower ConsoleWith a larger vibration plate that is of this quality then it should be said that it is fairly heavy so a sound and stable surface is going to be best for it to operate on.


Make no mistake, the JTX Pro-50 Tri Plane is pretty powerful with 2 x 300 watt AC motors which provide 4 HP.

What this provides you with is a frequency range of 30-50HZ, and an amplitude of 1-2mm on low power and 3-4mm on high power. To put it simply, you will have plenty of power to give you a very noticeable workout.


First and foremost, when you’re spending this kind of money then you will obviously expect a high quality product, and that is exactly what you get with the JTX Pro 50.

When you buy this vibration plate from JTX Fitness they actually give you two choices of warranty. One for those buying for home use, and the other is for those that are buying for commercial use. If you’re buying this for your own home gym then you choose the 3 year option, which is free of course, and will cover the cost of an engineer being sent to your home, and cover any parts that might need replacing.

For anybody that is considering buying the JTX Pro 50 Tri Plane for commercial use then simply contact JTX Fitness here and they can provide you with a special warranty.

When you consider that every time an engineer has to be sent out and parts have to be replaced obviously this would cost the company money so it only makes sense to build a machine that is high quality, and is built to last, and that’s what you have with this vibration plate.

Money Back Guarantee

For your peace of mind, it is good to know that JTX offer a 28 money back guarantee on this model, should you not be happy with your purchase. They do however kindly ask that you keep hold of any original packaging to take advantage of the money back guarantee which I think is only fair.


With the JTX Pro 50 being so heavy the last thing you’d want is it turning up and being left on your doorstep. What actually happens is that two men will deliver the vibration plate at a convenient time for you and place it into a downstairs room where you’d like it, and of course at no extra charge. For most mainland areas of the UK it will take 5 days for the machine to be delivered. For other areas outside of mainland UK alternative delivery arrangements will have to be made.

JTX Pro-50 Reviews

As you might expect with a relatively new product it takes time to build up reviews, and for this vibration plate there are only a handful of customer reviews out there at the time of writing. It is plain to see though that the JTX Pro-50 Tri Plane has been an ideal purchase for those that have left a review.


Taking into consideration that this is quite an expensive vibration plate which many home users won’t really want to spend so much money on, this is really somewhat of a luxury product for a home gym. The machine does however give you a luxurious impression just by looking at it and it will as said previously be a proud addition to anybody’s home gym, salon, health club or fitness club.

Putting aside the cost, the JTX Pro 50 Tri Plane will provide you with a high quality vibration plate and that above all else will provide the user with a complete workout solution for just a few minutes a day, a few days a week.