Buying your own vibration plate brings you the freedom to get in shape in the comfort of your own home.

Paying gym fees or even just getting to a gym can be a difficult if not impossible task for some people so a vibration plate at home is the ideal solution.

Whether you are looking to tone up, get in shape, soothe aching muscles or help your blood circulation , the advantages of having a vibration plate at home are fairly straight forward, but do they work? Our vibration plate reviews should give you the answer.

From the many vibration plate reviews we have researched on different makes and models it seems as though they are very popular for home users and they do actually work as the reviews from users show. Understandably results are going to vary between users but overall these machines are gaining popularity in the UK, especially for home use and they are certainly here to stay.

Top 3 Vibration Plates Comparison

As you’re probably already aware by now there are quite a few different vibration plates you can choose from.

Choosing the best vibration plate for yourself isn’t made any easier when each one has different options or power levels etc from the next and it can become a headache trying to figure things out, so we put together a quick comparison of what we consider the top 3 vibration plates on the market right now which includes their average score and number of reviews on

ValuesMedicarn Series 300Bslimmer Gold PlusJTX Pro-10
Amazon Rating
Customer Reviews82 Reviews
146 Reviews10 Reviews
Comes WithFree Workout cords
Detachable support cards
Power cords
Exercise workout DVD
Exercise mat
Noise reduction mat
Exercise straps
Free personal trainer consultation
Max User Weight150kg120kg 160kg
Dimensions71(l) 62(w) 138(h)cm58(d)117(h)cm150(h) x 70(w) x 75(d)cm
Remote ControlNoYesYes
Boxed Weight52 Kg18 Kg75 Kg
Warranty1 yearTBA3 years
Full ReviewMedicarn Series 300 ReviewBslimmer Gold Plus ReviewJTX Pro-10 Review

Top 3 Vibration Plate Reviews

Here’s just a quick look at our top 3 picks.

Medicarn Series 300

Medicarn Series 300 vibration plate

One of the most popular vibration plates on the market in the UK is the Medicarn Series 300 Professional vibration plate. As you can see from the table above it scores a high 4.7 out of 5 overall at at the time of writing.

It isn’t a very expensive machine although it does cost a bit more than another of our top 3, the Bslimmer Gold Plus but it does offer more for your money as you might expect. It is also a bigger and heavier machine and the quality is comparable to some machines that may be found in gyms/health and fitness clubs.

The main features of this vibration plate is that it has 99 different speed levels, 8 programs to choose from and has a large 1750 watt high grade super quiet motor and comes with a years warranty.

So the Medicarn Series 300 is our top pick of the best vibration plates because it has a high regard from users, is fairly inexpensive, it gives results, it is easy to use and a lot more.

Check out the Medicarn Series 300 here

Bslimmer Gold Plus

Bslimmer Gold Plus vibration plate

The Bslimmer Gold Plus from Medicarn is really another obvious choice to be in our top 3 vibration plate picks. Maybe the best point about this vibration plate is the price. As it isn’t as expensive as compared to the Series 300 or certainly the JTX Pro-10 then most people can afford to buy it, and it is a decent machine with plenty of satisfied customers.

With many comments such as “fantastic buy”, “excellent buy”, “recommended” it’s hard to find any negative points for this vibration plate.

Also to be noted are that some users have commented that they do actually get results for issues such as weight loss and pain or stiffness in joints.

Check out the Bslimmer Gold Plus here

JTX Pro-10

JTX Pro 10 vibration plate

The JTX Pro-10 vibration plate it has to be said is a great looking machine, and looks solid, sturdy, well built and you can just tell it’s a quality product. Unfortunately if you’re on a tight budget or just don’t want to spend more than a couple of hundred pounds on a vibration plate then this isn’t the one for you because at the time of writing this model currently retails at around £899.

If you do however have a higher budget to work with or don’t mind spending this kind of money on something that you know will last then you won’t go far wrong choosing this product.

As you can see from the image it has a fairly large plate which makes it easier to perform various different exercises on than some of the smaller models and thanks to the remote control you don’t have to stand up to change the power if you are doing sit ups or press ups.

If you are transitioning from a gym or health club where you have used vibration plates previously to the home, or just want to add this to your home and use as well as the ones at the gym then the JTX pro-10 is made to health club specification so is an excellent substitute.

Check out the JTX Pro-10 here

The main benefits of having your own vibration plate:

• No costly gym fees.
• You pay for it once.
• You can use it whenever you like.
• It hasn’t been used by countless strangers.
• It’s in the comfort of your own home.
• No excuses!

These are just a few advantages and benefits of having a home vibration plate but what you probably want to know is what is the one you should choose and of course how much they cost?

Why read vibration plate reviews?

There are quite a few different machines available on the UK market and and that doesn’t make things particularly easy when deciding how to spend your hard earned money.

We hope to make that task just a little bit easier for you with our vibration plate reviews.

Our reviews should give you a good idea of what the best vibration plates are, what actual users have discovered when buying and using their machine such as positive points and negative points and what results they may have had from their vibration plate exercises.

So to get started and read our vibration plate reviews, just click on any of the links in the Recent Posts or Categories boxes to the right.